Green Energy Research Division

This division is composed of three research groups belonging to physical and informative processes, physical and material processes and chemical processes. The research groups aim at development of innovative green energy and green industrial processes in close cooperation with each other. Furthermore, this division’s research develops innovative technology using basic fundamental principles for practical application in multidisciplinary cooperation with the other two divisions.

Each member of this division approaches “processes” on the basis of deep consideration of the core science and technologies accumulated in the research groups. Furthermore, the members develop the core science and technologies with multidisciplinary cooperation.

Research group of physical and informative processes

We research and develop innovative physical processes for new green energy, green utilization of conventional energy, and harmonization of environment and industries, with multidisciplinary cooperation in fluid mechanics, advanced mechanical engineering and information science.

Keywords: Capture and separation of CO2, Sequestration of CO2, Smart energy management, Friction-free process, New green energy based on advanced laser science

Research group of physical and material processes

Our research group focuses on physical and chemical processes to prepare thin films with high optical, electrical and mechanical performance by controlling the surface morphology in nano- and micro-scopic scale in time and space. The techniques are further developed to fabricate dye-sensitized solar cells with high conversion efficiency.

Keywords: Thin film technology, Dye-sensitized solar cell, Renewable energy

Research group of chemical processes

The purpose of our research group is to develop environment-friendly chemical processes aimed at saving energy and resources. Our research group focuses on green solvent of supercritical fluids that have great advantages for the chemical industries involving biomass energy production, polyfunctionalized material preparation, plastic recycling, and fine chemical syntheses.

Keywords: Supercritical fluids,Environmentally-friendly technology

Objectives of the division

【Five-year objectives】

1) Development of green energy by multidisciplinary cooperation among agriculture, engineering and information technology (efficient use of the conventional energy, and greening of the peripheral technology)

2) Development of film formation processes for high performance dye-sensitized solar cells

3) Development of biomass energy production by use of the supercritical fluids as a highly efficient green solvent


【Ten-year objectives】

1) Development of new processes for hydrogen production through multidisciplinary fusion of physical and informative processes, physical and material processes and chemical processes

2) Development of light, flexible and fashionable textile solar cells by simple processes

3) Development of environmentally-friendly chemical processes aimed at saving energy and resources


Shizuoka University Research Institute of Green Science and Technology

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Shizuoka City, Shizuoka,
422-8529, Japan

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