Associate Professor Yamanaka’s research paper was published in "CHEMISTRY AN ASIAN JOURNAL" and adopted by CoverFuture.

Synthesis of a Bis-Urea Dimer and Its Effects on the Physical Properties of an Amphiphilic Tris-Urea Supramolecular Hydrogel (CHEMISTRY AN ASIAN JOURNAL 2018 Vol.13/Issue 8/pp.929-933)

Author: Masamichi Yamanaka, Hiroki Sawada

The successful development of stiff supramolecular gels is an important goal toward their practical application.One approach to stiffen supramolecular gels is to introduce covalent cross-links. The bis-urea dimer 2, having a structure similar to that of the low-molecularweight gelator 1, was synthesized. Supramolecular hydrogels were formed from mixtures of 1 and 2 in appropriate ratios, with 2 acting as a covalent cross-linker to connect the fibrous aggregates formed by the self-assembly of 1.
The introduction of these covalent cross-links greatly influenced the dynamic viscoelasticity of the supramolecular hydrogels. In the supramolecular hydrogel of 1 mixed with 5% 2, the storage modulus was 1.35 times higher than that of the supramolecular hydrogel of 1 alone, and the crossover strain was extended from 5% to over 20%.
The supramolecular hydrogel of 1 and 2 was free-standing and supported 13 times its own weight.

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