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The 1st SU-CNU Joint Symposium was held

The 1st SU-CNU Joint Symposium was held

Research Institute of Green Science and Technology (RIGST) of Shizuoka University held "The 1st SU-CNU Joint Symposium" with Education and research group for convergent chemical materials in the 4th industrial revolution era (CCM4) of Chungnam National University in South Korea on January 21.
The first symposium was held online as a countermeasure against the new coronavirus infection, and 79 faculty members and students from both universities registered for participation.
The symposium begins with the opening remarks by Professor Dong-Myung Kim, the leader of CCM4, and is followed by scientific presentations by invited 14 professors and 14 students from both universities. The symposium was closed with the closing remarks by Director Enoch Y. Park of RIGST.
This symposium was a valuable opportunity to learn how important it is to exchange ideas with researchers of different expertise and to have international collaboration through student exchanges between the two universities.

We would like to take this opportunity to express our thanks to all the speakers and all the staff.

2nd row from the top, 2nd column from the left, Director Park and 1st row from the top, 3rd column from the left Professor Dong-Myung Kim.