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ICGST2023 Lectures and Poster Sessions

ICGST2023 Lectures and Poster Sessions Participants from Shizuoka University posing with Professor Hesham, the chairperson

A total of 19 individuals from Shizuoka University, including 8 faculty members and 11 students, participated in the event. It was the first time in a while for such a large group from the university to travel abroad for an event, and despite the natural tension that comes with large group travel. Fortunately, there were no significant issues, and everyone returned safely.

The lectures covered cutting-edge topics in green science and technology, drawing considerable interest and numerous questions from the audience. Despite the limited time, there was an effective sharing of knowledge.

In the poster sessions, many students experienced their first face-to-face international sessions, and while language barriers were evident, the interaction with researchers from various countries led to the discovery of new challenges and valuable insights for future research.

Please refer to Program-ICGST2023.pdf. for details.

Invited Speakers (4):

Plenary Lectures
Prof. Enoch Y. Park
"Silkworm Biofactory as a potential protein expression system and its possibility"

Invited Lectures
・Prof. Mitsuru Kondo
"Removal and detection of perchlorate ion in aqueous solutions using cage compounds"

・Assoc. Prof. Takashi Ikka
"Genomic predictions and genome-wide association studies of quality-related metabolites for the genomic breeding in tea plants"

Invited Young Speakers
Assoc. Prof. Akihiko Nakamura
"Development and Characterization of Highly Heat Tolerant and Highly Active Plastic Degrading Enzymes"

Poster Presenters (11):

・Hijiri Kishikawa "Structure-activity relationship study of tetrahydrocarbazole derivatives inhibiting HCV particle formation"
・Arbin Sunuwar "The molecular interaction between Zoysia grass (Zoysia japonica) and fairy ring-forming fungi"
・Kanoko Watanabe "Coloric detection of perchlorate ion in aqueous solution using cage compounds with dye"
・Kazutoshi Kawahara "Identification of Anti-HBV Peptide Inhibitors Derived from HBV Core Protein"
・Krishna Raja Muthuraman "Immunological Evaluation of Monovalent Capsid Virus-Like Particle Displayed Envelope Domain III (EDIII) of Dengue Serotype 2 using Silkworm" Larvae
・Yoshiki Ishiguro "Genetic structure analysis of 2500 tea germplasm in Shizuoka, Japan"
・Natsuki Tone "Investigation of theanine biosynthetic potential by tea genetic resources"
・Nobuhiro Takahashi "Production of useful organic acid by Rhodococcus qingshengii A3-8 under chemolithotroph conditions"
・Tomoki Sugimura "Green Manufacturing: Organic Synthesis Based on Conditional Optimization of Pseudo-Steady Flow Method"
・Kyosuke Kawashima "Extracellular electron transfer mechanism of sulfate-reduing bacteria Cupidesulfovibrio sp. HK-II"
・Yoshihito Hashino "Development of polyethylene terephthalate binding protein Development of polyethylene terephthalate binding protein using the chitin-binding domein from Pyrococcus furiosus by phage display method"