イベント 2020.02.06


(2月10日)G研セミナーを開催します(終了しました) Hermann教授 講演会案内

日時:2020年02月10日 (月) 14:00 — 15:00

グリーン科学技術研究所 朴研究室主催 講演会を開催します

【日 時】

【場 所】
静岡キャンパス 農学総合棟409室

【講 師】
Hermann Wätzig 教授(ブラウンシュヴァイク工科大学)

How to reproducibly analyze proteins and their binding affinity

【概 要】
The characterization of therapeutic proteins by electrophoresis and chromatography is an ongoing success story. However, the more we learn about therapeutic proteins, often antibodies, antibody-drug conjugates and vaccines, the more we understand what we still do not understand. Then, more and more other proteins are considered as pharmaceuticals, with very different properties. Therefore, the existing experience for protein separations needs to be systematically structured and mined to achieve optimal separations for all the protein classes, including enzymes, intrinsically disordered proteins, collagens and viruses. Antibodies will gain by experience from other proteins, and these can profit from the huge experience for mAbs. For example, precision and accuracy in CE is certainly an order superior to the traditional GE methods. How can we achieve better selectivity for protein analysis? For size- and charged based separations, but also using additional approaches? What about multi-dimensional approaches? How can we transfer physicochemical and analytical knowledge from one class of proteins to another? Can we transfer achievements from traditional gel electrophoresis (e.g. SDS-PAGE) into CE? What about precision and validation in general? Which coatings and which rinsing procedures are best for a certain situation? And finally, what can we expect from Affinity CE? All these questions will not be completely answered, but concepts will be outlined for future solutions. br

E-mail: park.enoch@shizuoka.ac.jp